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12, rue Schrobilgen
L-2526 Luxembourg
Grand Duché de Luxembourg
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IBAN : LU24 0019 4655 9302 3000
Bank BCEE Luxembourg – BIC : BCEELULL

Our team

  • Ms. Ratha Ros – President
  • Ms. Bertille Blin – Secretary General
  • Mr. Mickaël Richard – Treasurer
  • Ms. Pascale Bartz
  • Ms. Ketty Koeut
  • Mr. Pascal Rodriguez
  • Mr. Sunarak Kimari
  • Ms. Lida Ros
Thank you to all members! Thanks to our families and friends who have supported and helped us by giving their time, energies and skills from the very beginning of this project!

Please contact us if you would like to become involved in child development education by filling out this form.