Project 2018

Association Learn and Grow (LnG), has supported the launching of “Beyond the Ricefields”

Association Learn and Grow supported the project “Beyond the Ricefields” initiated and founded by Sokphal Ngo-Sisowath with the aim of building a free educational, socio-cultural and sports center for all the inhabitants of the O Krassar village, in the Kep province of Cambodia. Jean-Paul Ordan, the architect of the project, estimated the overall construction budget of the Center between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000.
The Center has been active since March 2018 thanks to the educational activities launched by Aurélie Gayot, Project Manager and Director of the Center from March 2018 to March 2019. Children gathered around the existing house, but it was decrepit and had to be rehabilitated urgently. There was a lack of a building to welcome children safely and a place to store the collected material.
In priority “Beyond the Ricefields” therefore needed funds for educational activities and for the rehabilitation / construction of the main building, including a classroom, sanitary, storage, a well and an electrical installation.
Work began on March 11, 2019 with 7800 EUR collected. This amount comes notably from Aurélie Gayot fundraising actions, the contribution of the association Made in Cambodge for EUR 5000, the participation of Association Learn and Grow for EUR 1500 and other donors, including “Jardin des langues Ayravady​​”.
Because of the fragility of the original house, it was decided to dismantle it and build a new building next door. The wood and salvageable parts of the house were sold and the sum collected was added to the funds for the Center. The construction phase was very fast and this part of the project was completed end of April 2019.
The project is currently underway, a new director arrived in March 2019, and we will follow the future evolution of the Center.
Bien que jolie et typique, le plancher de la maison ne tenait plus, cela devenait dangereux...
 photos credit : Aurélie Gayot and Made in Cambodge association – May 2019
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