Current project

Association Learn and Grow (LnG), supports the Kram Ngoy Centre (CKN), a technical and vocational training centre in Cambodia

As part of our missions to support existing educational structures and encourage development potentials for children and young people, we support a CKN project: the training of future trainers.
The training of a future trainer is done over 2 years and for 2 trainees, the budget represents 3 400 USD (equivalent to 3 000 EUR).
  • The project consists of allocating a scholarship for pre-selected trainees in order to provide access to applied technical and vocational training under good conditions. The funds are intended for:
    – a scholarship for food and field trips for training,
    – the purchase of solar pump, greenhouse, garden hoses, seeds, fertilizers, for practical training in electronics and solar energy (automation of watering for vegetable garden cultivation in the boarding school)
    – the costs for internships in companies.


  • The expected impacts of the project are numerous. Indeed, once trained, student trainers will then be able to have a profession and integrate professionally and economically into the labour market. In addition, after having been trained, they themselves will train other trainees in the CKN Centre for a minimum of 2 years (multiplier effect).

    The implementation phases are:
    1. Theoretical and practical training at the Centre and in companies
    2. The implementation of the training in electronics and solar energy: automation of arrosage of the vegetable garden set up by the students.


  • The impact and progress of the project will be measured through theoretical and practical examinations as well as concrete results (operation of automatic watering, harvesting of vegetables and fruits for the boarding school, etc.).

The implementation of this project is based on the existing achievements and structures on site: trainers active at the Centre since 1997, campuses and boarding schools have existed since 2002, containers of recovery equipment received regularly from France for practical training, tools and didactic support provided (electronic mounting kit, components for mounting solar panels….), theoretical and practical training in real situations in the Centre and in companies.

We are very confident that this project will go well.

In July 2019, Association Learn and Grow was able to donate EUR 1500 to CKN.
In June 2020, Association Learn and Grow sent a second donation of 1500 EUR to CKN.
In September 2021, Association Learn and Grow sent a third donation of 1500 EUR to CKN.

Thank you to all those who made it possible for us to support this project!


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 photos credit : Im Saroeun, CKN – August 2019
copyright 2021 LnG