Our area of ​​focus is the education and development of children.

We are concentrating our efforts in Cambodia at first.

1. What are our objectives?

Support existing educational structures,
Strengthen the multidisciplinary nature of current and future structures,
Encourage other developmental potential for a child.

2. How do we want to do it?

By organizing fundraising activities,
By seeking synergies, collaborations and partnerships with other associations active in Cambodia:
the Kram Ngoy Training Center (CKN) and Pour une Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) among others,
By designing, developing and building our projects with our local partners.

3. How can you help?

Make LnG known to those around you, by speaking and sharing our Facebook page,
By purchasing our craft products,
You support LnG by giving time, money or sharing your skills.

4. Who are we?

Cambodian, French, Luxemburgish and of all nationalities, convinced that childhood is the period of magic, fragility and of all possibilities.
What we have in common is our belief that a child who is supported in his or her education will have a better chance to develop and grow.
Meet our team.
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