About LnG

The Association Learn and Grow, or LnG, was created in 2015 in Luxembourg.

  • Childhood is the period when the desire to discover and learn is immense. Empowering a child to grow by learning, is the greatest present that can be for the future.
  • Balanced and fulfilled children become serene and responsible adults. Childhood is therefore a key period.
  • In Cambodia, one person in five lives below the poverty line and one in two is under 22 years of age. Access to education dramatically changes lives.
  • In order for a child to develop and thrive, the qualities to be developed are not only academic, they are multidimensional. Discovering and exploring other facets are all factors that enable her/him to grow and adapt, to open her/his mind and ideas.
  • We support by proposing other keys, all resources necessary for a child´s development. We support and strengthen multidisciplinary in current and future educational structures. These other disciplines can range from first aid courses to cooking, meditation, martial arts classes,…
  • By supporting educational structures in Cambodia, LnG also aims to develop relations between Luxembourg and Cambodia through cooperation projects between Luxembourg and Cambodian entities.

We believe in education in its broadest sense.

«Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world»
Nelson Mandela